Network Management Solutions

Space Radio Monitoring Systems

Zajel Communications partners with Kratos Integral Systems Europe to provide monitoring solutions for space communications.

  • Command and Control: Complete off-the-shelf satellite telemetry and command processing for operations and test environments.
  • Satellite Services: Complete satellite ground segment solutions for commercial, military, civil and intelligence communities.
  • Signal Processing and Communications: Leading supplier of ground-based equipment for space and ground communications.
  • RF Interference Mitigation: Industry-leading products for interference detection and geolocation.
  • SATCOM NetOps: Assuring the availability, reliability and security of terrestrial and satellite networks.
  • SATCOM Cybersecurity: Managing cybersecurity risk and effectively demonstrating compliance for satellite ground networks.

Network Management Solutions

Telco OSS

Zajel’s Telco network management portfolio consists of Huawei’s OSS Products and Solutions.

  • Fault Management: Centralized alarm management for multi-vendor and multi-domain EMS/network elements. Rich alarm correlation rules and auto ticket creation rules.
  • Performance Management: End-to-end performance management for both mobile and fixed networks. Standardized framework to allow integration with external systems such as trouble ticket, fault management, inventory management and service quality management.
  • Inventory Management: Single solution to manage multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-network and ICT resources.
  • Service Desk Management: Enterprise oriented O&M process management system, supporting both CT and IT O&M processes.
  • Workforce Management: System for the O&M of telecommunications in field maintenance services. Provides management for task, engineer, site and vehicles, based on GIS and Mobile technology to realize assigning the right engineer to the right jobs at the right time and right place.
  • Test and Diagnosis Solution: A test process engine and a test and diagnosis knowledge management model developed from the results from 100,000+ trouble tickets.

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